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Post  A.Rosaria on Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:18 pm

Actually I wouldn't love zombies if they ever came shambling towards me to eat me. I probably would run away screaming like a little girl. I lie, I don't scream. I would run and hope they are not the running kind.

I like watching Zombie movies and reading Zombie comics. They creep me out, it's the idea that just one scratch will infect you and turn you in a stinking zombie. I really do not want to become a Zombie. I don't want my thing (guess what) to rot off.

Who am I? I'm Alex. A man that loves freedom and peace, but willing to forgo peace if I ever had to win my freedom. I love freedom the most. When we are free humans we will aim for the top and reach heights we never will under bondage.

I'm also a writer and love this age of self-publishing. I can write anything, and publish it without a care if it's political correct or the fad of the year. Anything created in my wicked mind will be put on paper. Sometimes I amaze myself with the crazy stuff I write... pecker in an ashtray.... yeah, one of my stories has one.


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Post  H.B.I.C. on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:31 pm

Welcome Alex. It's good to see that you found your way here! Keep posting! We have a contest running right now *if we reach 25 regular posters, that is! And it won't be the last contest either. I plan on running contests on a regular basis, just like we used to do on the old zombie fans forum. Good luck!

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