What's this about contests and prizes?

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What's this about contests and prizes? Empty What's this about contests and prizes?

Post  H.B.I.C. on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:51 pm

I thought it would be fun to run a few contests or drawings every once in a while to reward our members and make this forum a fun place to be. I want this place to be different than other forums. I want everyone who comes here to have a good time, relax, and enjoy themselves. This place was built for the fans, by the fans!

The first contest will be an easy one. Right now I'm looking to build the membership up, but I don't want people to just join and then not post, where's the fun in that?

I will keep things simple and set the rules for the contest as follows:

When we reach 25 *active members, I will draw a name out of a bowl ON CAMERA (via youtube) and the winner will receive a special prize. The prize has yet to be determined.

I really want to make it a good one, so of course please post suggestions as to what you think would make a good prize? And no, I'm not rich so take it easy on me! LOL!

*Active members: means you must post somewhat consistently, and with meaningful posts. I know, and you know the difference between a real post and padding your posts. Let's play fair!

The contest will expire on April 1st. Hopefully I won't be an April Fool and not have any interest in this forum by then. That would be a real bummer! C'mon, let's have some fun with this, and please start posting suggestions for prizes!


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