Cool Zombie Alphabet Book kickstarter needs help

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Cool Zombie Alphabet Book kickstarter needs help Empty Cool Zombie Alphabet Book kickstarter needs help

Post  BitterBrains on Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:24 pm

Hi everyone!
If you haven't heard of Martin Whitmore, you may want to. He's an awesome artist who focuses almost exclusively on zombies.
He has a webcomic called Tasty Flesh (which may have a bit too much sexual content for the younger zombies on here), has created a table top role playing game "Against the Dead", and is generally a really awesome, kilt wearing, chainsaw wielding, talented guy.

He's currently trying to get together funds to create a zombie apocalypse alphabet book using kickstarter. There are only 3 days left and he's $700 short, please consider checking it out and supporting a fantastic artist and fellow zombie fan. (If you google "ghastly crud zombies" and "martin whitmore" it should be a top result, I can't post links yet and in 7 days it will be too late). It will be an e-book and an hard cover book and higher level donations can get some pretty cool art prizes.

I'm not being paid or encouraged to post this in any way. Marty does not know of or endorse this post (so if it's against the rules or annoying, please don't hate him for it). I'm just a pretty big fan and want to help him reach his goals.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

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